Jack Reiss LLC| F6

580 5th Avenue, Suite 1212 New York, NY 10036, USA

TEL +1-212-840-9500 | FAX +1-212-840-3800 |

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Jack Reiss LLC, for three generations has demonstrated this country's best qualities as a leading U.S. manufacturer and dealer of fine cut diamonds. Our name signifies the highest elements of quality craftsmanship available through our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the United States. As a result Jack Reiss LLC enjoys a sterling worldwide reputation for delivering the finest quality of cut diamonds in the industry today.

Every diamond we offer, regardless of shape or size: rounds, ideal cuts, fancies, squares and rectangulars, from .50 to 10 carats and larger, is thoroughly evaluated prior to cutting, to ensure that it receives the most appropriate cut.


White Diamonds: 1ct and less; 1ct+; 3ct+; 5ct+; 10ct+

Fancy Shapes: Antique Cushion

Diamond Jewelry: Rings, earrings and layouts

Special Cuts: Cushion Brilliant, Old Mine Brilliant and all other Fancy’s

Kapu Gems Ltd| B3-B4

3021, EC, Bharat Diamond Bourse, Bandra (East) Mumbai 400051, Maharashtra, India

TEL +91-22-4311-2233 | FAX +91-22-4311-2222| |

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Kapu Gems specializes in manufacturing large-sized high end premium diamonds from 0.50cts to 10cts and above in D to J colors in FL to SI2 in more than 12 shapes. Globally they are respected for their excellence in manufacturing, resulting in an ultimate level of fire and brilliance in their diamonds. More than 63% of their diamonds, customers purchase from their website – showing tremendous amount of customer confidence. With a strong manufacturing base, every day they manufacture around 150 diamonds giving their customers an easy access to new diamonds every day.

They have a core expertise and specialize in the below:

  •          Exclusive rare diamonds like D - Flawless and D - Internally Flawless in Type 2A
  •          Special collection of nice beautiful Matched Pairs in all sizes and shapes
  •          Experts in Hearts and Arrows cut

Company Established (Year): 1994

Branches Worldwide: Mumbai, Hong Kong, Surat-manufacturing center


White diamonds: 1ct+; 3ct+; 5ct+; 10ct+

Fancy Color Diamonds: 1ct and less; 1ct+; 3ct+; 5ct+; 10ct+

Fancy Shapes: Princess, Emerald, Radiant, Square-Emerald, Square-Radiant, Marquise, Oval, Pear, Cushion, Cushion-modified, Cushion-brilliant

Special cuts: Tycoon cut

Kompass Diamonds| Sponsor Table 6

Vestingstraat 53/57, 2nd Floor Antwerp, Belgium 2018

TEL +32-3-232-4657 | FAX +32-3-232-5012 |

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Business to business information. Annual directory representing the company profiles of the Belgian Diamond sector: wholesalers & manufacturers, preparing services, gemological services, machines & tools and related services.

Database also available on our website:

L. J. Diamonds PR Ltd.| F8

21 Tuval Street, Ramat Gan, Israel

TEL +972-3-613-1282 | FAX +972-3-613-3788

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L.J. Diamonds is a company that manufactures all types of diamonds, especially fancy color diamonds.

Company Established (Year): 2010

Branches Worldwide: Hong Kong, USA (NY, CA) & Israel


White Diamonds: 1ct+; 3ct+; 5ct+; 10ct+

Fancy Color Diamonds: 1ct and less, 1ct+; 3ct+; 5ct+; 10ct+

Fancy Shapes: All

Leibish & Co. LTD| C3

21 Tuval St. Yahalom Bldg. 674-7 Ramat Gan, Israel

TEL +972-3-613-2122 | FAX +972-3-613-2422 |

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Leibish & Co. specializes in natural fancy color diamonds and magnificent pieces of color diamond jewelry. With a focus on Canary Yellow and Argyle Pink diamonds, the company sells a wide array of loose diamonds and jewelry made with all colors of the rainbow in small and large sizes. Leibish & Co. operates as both a retailer (B2C) and wholesaler (B2B) through various different channels, with both unique products, and extensive collections of repeatable jewelry items sold across the world.

Company Established (Year): 1979

Branches Worldwide: New York, Hong Kong, Israel & Beijing


Fancy Colors:  1ct & less; 1ct+; 3ct+; 5ct+; 10ct+

Diamond Jewelry: Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Pendants

Brands: Leibish Diamonds, Leibish Designs (Jewelry), Leibish Collections


LLD Diamonds LTD| Residence I

23 Tuval Street Noam Building, 9th Floor Ramat Gan, 5252238 Israel

TEL +972-3-755-1111 | FAX +972-3-575-2141

Fifth Avenue Suite 1906 New York, NY 10036 USA

TEL +1-212-869-8682 | FAX +1-646-998-4306 |

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LLD Diamonds is one of the preeminent and largest diamond manufacturers globally, founded by world-renowned Diamantaire Mr. Lev Leviev.  

LLD Diamonds, a division of the Leviev Group of Companies, maintains a significant presence in all facets of the diamond pipeline, beginning with mining rough, through manufacturing polished diamonds and ultimately, the retail jewelry sector.

LLD Diamonds maintains offices worldwide, with a strong presence in all major diamond markets, headquartered in Israel and New York.

LLD Diamonds, recognized as an international diamond industry leader, has been awarded with many industry awards, achievements and accolades, including Israel’s “Outstanding Exporter Government Award” over the past decade.

LLD Diamonds deals with rough and polished diamonds, all qualities, shapes, sizes and colors, GIA certified and non-certified.

Company Established (Year): 1997

Branches Worldwide: USA, Israel



White Diamonds: 1ct and less; 1ct+; 2ct+; 3ct+; 5ct+; 10ct+

Fancy Color Diamonds: 1ct and less; 1ct+; 2ct+; 3ct+; 5ct+; 10ct+

Fancy shapes: All             

Diamond Jewelry: All types